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When Will the World End Logic Natural Cures for Disease puzzles Free Printable Crossword Puzzles

Detailed Geometric Coloring Pages Logic Sudoku Puzzles puzzles How to Beat Depression

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles Logic Puzzle Grid - Photo License

Free printable Logic Puzzles included too.

Logic Puzzles came about when Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (know as Lewis Carroll) the famous author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland invented a logic game. His first game took the statements, "No fat creatures run well" and "some greyhounds run well" together and came up using logic that some greyhounds are not fat.

It seems the most logical answer to the two statements should be greyhounds that run well are not fat. However the puzzle would have to be tried to learn how to come up with a correct conclusion.

Now there are a lot of different types of Logic Puzzles that are much more complicated. Sudoku is a prime example.

A really popular type of Logic Puzzle is one using a grid. A story or scenario is given with a mystery or question that needs to be solved. It comes with a grid that needs to be filled in with clues from the story, ...

A Lot More Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles (all types)

Logic Puzzle Grids

Logic Puzzles for Kids

Logic Puzzles Horses


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Free Printable Logic Puzzles

Puzzle Baron

Printable Puzzles

Logic Puzzles

Logic Puzzles for Kids & Adults including Math and Christmas

Printable Logic Puzzles for Kids

which gives the ability to answer or find the solution.

The Zebra Puzzle

The Zebra Puzzle is the most popular logic puzzle. It is a challenge that claims that only 2 percent of the world can solve. So naturally with this challenge many try to solve it. Here is a link to the original zebra puzzle and how to solve it. Notice that it has a grid to help solve the puzzle.
Zebra Puzzle

On this page you will find logic puzzles for sale including free online printable Logic Puzzles. Find logic puzzles with a grid for adults, kids, children, middle school, kids, puzzles that can be bought or that I can print out. Puzzles on horses, children themes, history of the logic puzzle, answers, favorite, math, easy and hard, word puzzles, Christmas, books and more.

Logic puzzles can make good party games as long as they are easy ones so that your friends won't get tired of it. One time I was at a party and we were doing some games that had us guessing what animals or person it was from the hints given. It was fun to try to figure out the answers in the shortest amount of time possible.

With logic puzzles the trick is to come up with the logical answer. The games are brainteasers that can increase your brains ability to think well.

Lewis Carroll who wrote the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland invented the first known logic game. Maybe the game was to contradict his book, which is full of illogical characters. But whatever the reason people have loved these games ever since.

There are many types of logical games with Sudoku being one of the more popular and well-known ones. However the Zebra Puzzle is also well liked. The makers of this game claim that only 2% of the world can solve it. Of course this makes it all the more challenging so everyone wants to try it.

The photo above shows an example of a Sudoku game. This one is especially hard and took about an hour and a half to solve.

The object is to fill each block or box with the numbers one to nine without repeating a number. That by itself would be easy but then each row going back and forth and up and down has to have only have one number without repeating. This makes it much more challenging.

This above photo shows an example of an electronic logic puzzle called Bubbles the Fish. These are fun to play and the colors help enhance the experience.

Kids love these games and these are great to use at parties. An example of an easy one for young kids would be the animal guessing game. The host gives a hint and the kids try to guess. The trick is to guess the animal with the least amount of hints given.

Most people do these because they are fun and many want to improve their brainpower. The fear of Alzheimer's is a motivator for many to keep sharp as they age.
However there is something much more powerful than this type of amusement. Hands down the best way to improve your brainpower is the study of the Bible. Get a good concordance and take it one verse at a time. (Maybe start with the New Testament) Compare each verse with other similar verses. Let the Bible always interpret itself. Never take what man says over what the Bible itself is telling you. Put aside everything you have learned and slowly go through he scriptures. Donít pass a verse until you know what it is really saying. This will simulate your brain, as nothing else will do.

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