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Indian Motorcycles For Sale, Parts, Manuals

Indian Motorcycles for Sale. Indian Motorcycles Parts, Service, Shop, Repair
Manuals. Indian Motorcycles from 1922 and up. Scout and Chief V-twins,
Indian Single and more.

Indian Motorcycles for Sale Indian Motorcycle Memories DVD

If you love the Indian motorcycle then this page should have what you are looking for. Here is a good selection of them for sale that will help you find that special one.
This motorcycle is produced in the Unites States at Springfield, Massachusetts and is one of the most popular brands of them all. The Chief and the Scout tops the Indian brand and because there is such a big interest in them two sections on this page is dedicated to them.

The Indian Company was started from a bunch of bicycle racers in 1901. They decided to make a bike with a motor on it and became really successful. By 1904 the trademark became know as a dark red color of the Indian Single. The company continued to grow rapidly and went from selling 500 a year in 1904 to 32,000 a year in 1913.

Indian Motorcycles Parts, Service, Shop, Repair Manuals Red 1941 Indian Motorcycle Lithograph Art

The Indian Chief is one of their classiest bikes and could speed up to 85 miles an hour. (160 km/h) This attracted those who wanted a cool bike that not only looked great but could go fast. The Indian Scout became as popular as the Chief and was built between 1920 to 1949.

On this page you will find a lot of antique ones and collectibles for Sale including the Chief and the Scout. Included are the Chief V Twins and more.

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Indian Motorcycles and Parts

Indian Motorcycle (all Years)

Indian Motorcycle Parts

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Indian Motorcycles Parts

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On a side note: There are many dangers on the road when riding your motorcycle. One of them is dogs running loose. My husband James had one run out to chase him and was hit. James flipped over the handlebars and was lying on the road. The owner of the dog rushed out and started to rant and rave about his dog, which had been killed. The owner threatened and hollered as my husband staggered to his feet and slowly walked his bike home while bleeding from several places.

Another incident was a friends brother named Bill. It was night and the dog also ran out to give chase and got hit. Bill dumped his bike in the ditch and was so injured that he could not get up. It was a couple of hours before a passing car saw him and called for help. Bill spent several days in the hospital with probably huge medical bill to show for it since he didn't have any insurance.

So be careful and if you are a dog owner and don't let them run loose and chase whatever comes by on the road. It could mean the lost of your dog and big lawsuits besides. In both the instances above the men didn't think of suing but could have and would have won.

The 1939 Indian motorcycle in this photo looks like it is at a show for antique and vintage motorcycles. This bike is in excellent shape and the Indian logo can be seen really well.

There is a good selection of these cool bikes and the most popular models are the Chief and the Scout.

The first Indian motorcycle came about from someone in 1901 deciding to add a motor to a bike for racing. It wasn't long before others wanted the same thing and the company was born.

The color red became the trademark of this company with the first motorcycle produced, which was the Indian Single.

The photo above shows a fellow racing a 1941 750cc. I would be afraid to use such a nice bike in a race. One crash and your expensive motorcycle is toast. Even if you are a good driver someone else may not be and crash into you.

This classic motor cycle because popular so fast that the company went from selling five hundred in 1904 to over 32,000 by 1913. The Chief is probably the most popular but the Scout is close behind it and may over take it in some circles.

In the photo above this 1916 1000cc was quite a classic in its day. It still retains the bicycle appearance and would enhance anyone collection today.

One note of caution when riding your motorcycle. My husband Jim was riding past a neighbors house when its dog came racing out in the road right in front of Jim. He wasn’t able to avoid the dog and hit it. Jim flew over the handlebars and hit the road scraping himself up pretty bad.

The owner of the dog rushed out and was quite upset that his dog was killed. He threatened and screamed while Jim slowly got up and retrieved his ruined bike before hobbling for home.

Jim could have sued but never did and this neighbor hopefully realized that this accident could have cost him quite a bit and should have deeply regretted his reaction. If he had know what the consequences could have been he would have been very sympathetic over Jim and grieved about his dog later.

So watch out, many people are more concerned for their pets then for other folks.

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