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Ford Thunderbirds For Sale, Parts, Manuals

Ford Thunderbirds for Sale. Ford Thunderbird Parts, Service Shop
Repair Manuals. Ford Thunderbirds for all years 1955 - 2005.
Engines, Transmissions and more.

Ford Thunderbirds for Sale Thunderbird Restoration Guide, 1958-1966

The Ford Thunderbird also known as the "T-Bird" was first produced from 1955 to 2005 in the United States. It was produced as a two-seater personal luxury sports car. This automobile was real popular until the 1990's when large vehicles were seen as big gas guzzles and small cars were the trend. But now these cars are extremely popular as collector items. They are bought and fixed up and can be shown off in parades and auto shows.

The first generation of the Ford Thunderbird is the years from 1955 to 1957. The first Ford Thunderbird was unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show on February 20, 1954. The Thunderbird was sleek and cool. It has single round head and taillights with medium sized tailfins.

The main theme was comfort over being a sports car. In the first year 16,155 Ford Thunderbirds were sold and in 1957 the car broke a record with 21,300 of them selling. In 1957 the bumper was reshaped and the grill and tailfins were made larger.

Ford Thunderbird Parts, Service Shop Repair Manuals HP Books Repair Manual for 1972 - 1976 Ford Thunderbird

In the second generation (1958-1960) the Ford Thunderbird was changed to a four-seater, while keeping the two-door body. The change was right in that sales increased even more.

1961 saw the Ford Thunderbird updated again with a sleeker bullet style body and new engine. Sales continued to increase and the vehicle made the Indianapolis 500 pace car for the year. US President John F. Kennedy also road in the 1961 Ford Thunderbird in his inaugural parade.

On this page you will find many of them for Sale. Included are the 1956 and 1967 models and special sections of 1956 and 1964. 1955 - 2005. Engines, Transmissions and more.

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Ford Thunderbirds (all Years)

Ford Thunderbird Parts

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Ford Thunderbird Parts

Ford Thunderbird Service, Repair Manuals

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