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Cure for Acne

Free and Easy Home Remedy for Acne

Free and Easy Home Remedy for Acne Photo used under Creative Commons from Jason Rogers
I don't have acne myself but tried this cure on one of my foster adults. He was around 18 years of age and came to us with his face covered with acne. He needed a daily shower so we decided to try an experiment on him.

When we showered him we would totally ignore the face. No soap or anything on it. When the shower was done we gave the face a good towel drying which would pop a lot of the zits which were ready.

In about 3 months his face was clear and we never had any more trouble with acne on him.

Here is what you should do to clear up your acne.

Take a daily shower. (or 6 days a week)
Don't use anything on your face
Towel dry when done

You should see it clear up within three months.

Complete List of Products that Clear up Acne

Complete List of Products that Clear up Acne

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